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Refresh Your Yoga Skills: Join Teacher Training Program in Varkala

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Varkala is a coastal town in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala and is famous for its pristine beaches, hills, lakes, forts, and lighthouses making it a beautiful paradise for people to come and relax. Joining the teacher training program in Varkala will help you explore a variety of yoga techniques and practices. These will range from calm and quiet to vigorous and powerful, and aimed to infuse your body and mind with an overall sense of vitality, well-being and peace.

You will also explore the history, yogic philosophy, power of mantra, shatkarma (body purification), a variety of pranayama techniques, and siddha traditional meditation. This program also explores other aspects of yoga such as yogic anatomy (prana, the nadis, chakras, bandhas, and mudra) in addition to asanas. Various methodologies of performing the correct yoga postures are also taught. The course offers students the perfect balance of philosophical and practical knowledge amidst the relaxed surroundings of Varkala.

Small class sizes and a limited number of students make the program well worth it. The small class size ensures that everyone receives the highest standards of quality instruction and one-on-one attention that they deserve to become a master at yoga.

The program also offers “East and West”, “Yin and Yang”, and “Sun and Moon” approaches that help provide a very comprehensive experience for the students. There is a holistic and a nurturing environment in Varkala where students can come to practice, learn to teach and to heal themselves. This teacher training program is open to almost everyone, regardless of injuries and physical limitations.

The course helps you develop a deep awareness and mindfulness towards yourself and others. You will then be able to teach others by incorporating yoga into any healing process. You will practice yogic techniques that will greatly improve your wellbeing so your yoga teacher training experience becomes therapeutic in nature.

You will be introduced to one posture at a time and will slowly progress through the series over the course of one month. You will master each individual posture, thus, allowing a proper opening of the body and the required mental and physical preparation for the subsequent postures without injuring yourself.

Those who complete their Yoga Teacher Training course in Varkala will feel confident in their ability to teach yoga to others safely and effectively. They will have ample opportunity to assist the lead teachers in class, develop their personal teaching styles, create their own sequences, and conduct their very own classes.

Varkala offers you a nurturing environment that encourages you to become creative and artistic, explore and gain the confidence required to become a truly inspirational teacher.


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