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Suddha Anand Yogshala: Best Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

Yoga TTC in Varkala: A Soul Rejuvenating Experience

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Varkala is situated along the coastline of the southern part of Kerala. The location of the town and its surroundings offer a soul-reviving serene environment and lush green meadows that you will practically fall in love with. For this reason, Varkala is known as the best location for a Yoga TTC (Teachers Training Course) where participants can unwind their souls and bodies while taking the energy to a new level of positivity. This place offers Yoga certification courses and training programs which are unique, soul rejuvenating experiences that one will remember for a lifetime. This blog will explore a few factors on how a Yoga TTC in Varkala can be beneficial to revive your soul and body.

Yoga is not just learning asanas – it shows you the path to achieve purity of the soul and the divine power that enables one to know thyself. The yoga teacher training programs in Varkala are designed to provide a soothing experience at all the levels of your training. Here, a yoga TTC starts with teachings offered by eminent yoga teachers, Reiki practitioners and respected Gurus on the approach of holistic yoga and its philosophy, eventually making you a good teacher so that you can impart your knowledge in the right manner. The pure learning of yoga TTC in Varkala centers will make you know the vast benefits of this ancient therapy. Take a look at what all is covered in the TTC sessions here –

  • An extensive 200 hour teacher learning course
  • Improves flexibility and strength regardless of limitation
  • Great knowledge and wisdom from learned teachers and Gurus
  • Learning the harmony between philosophies of Moksha
  • It covers meditation and pranayama to channelize your vital energies in the right direction.
  • Learn and practice various kinds of yoga such as hatha yoga, astanga yoga, holistic yoga and the like
  • Learning Yogic anatomy with all the chakra systems in detail

Lastly, these teacher training courses in Varkala provide yoga certification which is authentic proof for you to start your own yoga center and benefit humanity with the skills achieved. What more can you ask for!


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