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The Course Curriculum Followed In 200 Hours Teacher Training Program in Varkala

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Varkala is considered as one of the top destinations to go for a yoga binge. Whether you want to just join a yoga course for your personal life or you want a full-fledged teaching course, Varkala is the place to be. In this blog, you will get to know about the course curriculum followed in 200 hours teacher training program in Varkala.

Teaching Asanas

You will learn about asanas and how to strike the right posture. You will also learn about the ethics of teaching yoga, proper postures, asana demonstrations, pedagogy for special students, like children and the elderly, energetic benefits of postures, etc. You will be able to teach all this and more to your students after completing the 200 hour teacher training course.


This activity in the curriculum will help you understand how to guide your students through meditation. Meditation is an important part of yoga, and you will benefit from it.


In this activity, you will learn to teach breath regulation to your students. Some of these techniques are:

  • Ujayi
  • Kapalabharti
  • Bastrika
  • Kumbhaka
  • Nadisodhana
  • Sheetali
  • Sheetakari
  • Bramari


Anatomy is included in the curriculum so that you can teach your students about the effects that yoga has on the body. It is also useful in teaching your students how to avoid injury while performing asanas.

Yogic history

Yoga has been inherited as the legacy of Indian fitness through time immemorial. The rich history of yoga will be taught to you so that you are able to pass this on to your students.

Enroll for the 200 hour teaching program today!


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